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Creating something that looks good is the easy part. Designing the experience is something completely different. We help you find your voice in reaching customers.

Utilizing our data solutions, we help you understand your customer so that you can enhance communication through product design. It is much more than just looking better than the competition. That’s why at MekaSmith we design for the experience.

Designing for the experience requires designers for all media types, and that’s precisely why our design team's so unique.

We have designed everything from:

  • iOS, Android and web application UI/UX

  • Large-scale events

  • Commercial video production

  • Massive live stream event video production

  • Digital and print advertising

  • Studio photography

Experience Designers

We use our teams vast skills and expertise to design the best experience for your customers. There is a method to the madness, and we can show you the way. Schedule a consultation with one of our designers, we'll walk you through our portfolio, and we'll talk about your company’s design needs.

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